Freedom From Fear

What does freedom mean to us?  What would we give up to get it?  There are many inspiring stories of people fighting oppressive regimes.  William Wallace in Scotland is one of the most popular in recent memory.  

The English desired direct control of the Scots way of life.  What if I told you that right now you are being oppressed?  Would you believe me? No, probably not because you are not confined to your house, apartment or wherever you call home.  Unless you have a court ordered house arrest you can literally go anywhere.  What if I told you that you really can’t go anywhere.  That you are being forced into a sense of confinement without even knowing it.  You in turn are your own oppressive regime.  Now this is not necessarily all of your fault.  It is only your fault that you do not accept that there is a way out.  In the movie V for Vendetta.  V claims ‘that the situation they are in that moment is no one’s fault but their own and that they should look in the mirror.’  I am only paraphrasing but, the message is very real for today.

People are allowing a world, a system to control their thoughts and control their decision making.  Why is this?  They are afraid because that system allows them to function in the way they were trained to behave.  They rely on that system to receive the items that make us feel better about ourselves.  However, that item wears off and we buy the next nice and new thing.  The same comparison is trying to give yourself nutrients you need for your body by eating fast food for every meal.  You will never have a fully functioning body without quality nutrients.  The same is true of our soul.  Now as I mention that word “soul” it is hard to even understand.  What is it, where is it and who invented it?  Most young adults have no concept of what this is because they have been raised their whole life watching television. Which is a tool that teaches us that instant gratification, being shallow and voting someone off of the island are all good virtues to aspire to.  Someone may say “hey survival of the fittest right…that’s how the world works.”  My rebuttal to that would be, that is how the world wants us to think and act.

One act, one decision that we can all make is that the message of Jesus Christ is real.  Jesus died to set us free.  Why did he have to do this?  Why would a God die for us?  You have to know that he did this to show us how much he loved us.  How much he wants us to be with him in heaven forever.  This World is a battle ground for our souls.  Much like the different fast food restaurants desiring your business.  This has much deeper consequences however.  The Devil is real.  He tried to take Heaven and he was cast down to this world.  A world that is a training ground for our souls.  This is the biggest game of survivor ever known to man.  I wonder what kind of ratings that show would get?  Jesus came to overcome the death that is inevitable for all of our bodies.  We don’t need to vote anyone off of the island, we want to be the beacon that invites more to the island.  The devil wants drama, he wants division because that will keep us separated from each other.  We will systematically worry about our own well being since if we don’t worry about our survival death is imminent.  What would happen if death was not scary.  What would happen if we did not fear death?  That death needs to fear us!  That is what Jesus did for us.  He set us free from the obligation to our body on this earth.  We now no longer need to conform to the rules of this world.  The victory is ours we are playing with House Money.  We can believe that our Army of 5,000 men can defeat an Army of 20,000 men.  So because of that we can do exactly what God has called and most definitely needs us to do…create disciples around the world by preaching his message of truth of this world.  That is true freedom, investing in the lives of other people.  The devil is cunning and deceptive.  He will do everything in his power to stop us from accomplishing that goal.  However, we have that big brother with us that has already kicked the crap out of Satan and he knows it.  He knows that he will never win and therefore will never fight.  He will only keep trying to convince you that you can go your own way and take your own path.

If you keep your eyes on the ultimate prize of being in the Lord’s presence you will never be let down and all that you need will be given to you.


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